I'm so excited to add sketchbooks to my offerings!

"I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read on the train."  ~ Oscar Wilde 


I've been journaling and sketching for decades - I am literally never without a sketchbook - and have always been on the hunt for the perfect one: great hand feel, great multimedia paper that can accept pencil, pen, lightweight watercolor and more; and a perfect size. I was stunned when I was able to create my very own "perfect sketchbook"! 


The soft touch cover feels like velvet butter and the paper draws like a dream. The thick, 100gsm paper is smooth and loves being drawn on both sides, with no bleed through! water based mediums should be experimented with 0 there will be some wrinkling.) She's ready to hold your dreams, memories, poems, sketches and adventures!


The front and back covers feature a detail of "Dreams of the Mother," part of the Virgo Sun collection.


I'm so excited to offer these, and hear what you think!


happy creating,